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Hi. My name is Manny.

Welcome to Raw Safari.

In the last four years I’ve hitchhiked across more than 25 countries. Europe, Asia, America, Australia. I’ve camped in the Sahara Desert. I’ve visited the Louvre Museum in Paris. I snuck into a couple of Californian Pot festivals. I ate out of dumpsters on the streets of Los Angeles.

I’ve started calling what I do ‘Adventure Hacking’.
I live on a small budget. Everything I own fits into my beat up backpack. It’s all about having time to do the things I want to. Not wasting money and energy on things I don’t need.

My life is not conventional, and sometimes I have to bend the rules a bit to make it work. That’s OK with me. Life’s too short to worry about following rules.


You can watch the rest of my video playing silly buggers with the cops in Czech Republic here:



How did I end up wearing kangaroo boots and a bondage collar when I was hitchhiking in Los Angeles? The answer is in this video:



Watch my video about the student riot I saw in Athens here:



Find out why I nearly got arrested for having a conversation in Serbia here:



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