Goa Chats – Video – Goa, India

There’s a lot more to Goa than beach resorts and cheap restaurants. I keep meeting people here who are creative and thinking outside the box. Hippies, filmmakers, slam poets, musicians, artists, expat’s – Goa definitely has diversity. And really cool street dogs…

Welcome To California – Victorville CA, USA

“California is pretty sophistocated. As well as different plant varieties to choose from, users can now also select different delivery formats like resin, hash, tinctures, oils, wax… The thing is, it’s all on display at this festival, so you’ll be able to learn all about it…” “Wow. OK. We only have one sort of marijuana in Australia. It’s called ‘dope’, and it’s illegal.” Bill smiles. “This is another world my friend. Welcome to California…”

Old Fat Dirty – Bogota, Colombia

“Bogota has very colourful street life, as you can see. Unfortunately there are also many homeless people on the streets in the city. During the tour, homeless people may come and stand near our group. Don’t worry. They are just curious because we speak English. They will not do anything bad…”