Cooking a Kangaroo

Half way up the track we meet Tank, on his ATV.
“Looks like good eating” he comments, peering at the roo between the folds of the tarp. “I’ll give you a ride to the top if there’s a burger in it for me…”

4:20 Friday

…The night is a resounding success. We fill the car with food and only get yelled at by a security guard once. We get back to the house, tired, smelly, and smeared with yoghurt, but victorious. Bread, fruit, vegetables, watermelon, strawberries, meat, sausages, a pork roast, a leg of lamb, eggs, cakes, muffins, milk, chocolates……

The Nano Engineer

  When I was in The Netherlands, I met a nano engineer. I didn’t know that was a thing either. Me and Nia were hitchhiking south toward Belgium.   This guy picked us up, and he was very friendly, and invited us to have a coffee with him.   He had to go past his house before…

New Year Breakdown – Springbrook, Australia

“When I was eighteen, I just went off and travelled… I didn’t have anybody watching me, or criticising me. I didn’t really have any money, but it didn’t seem to matter. People were so helpful and generous. My family reported me as a missing person. The police saw my truck parked in the street. They were like: ‘why don’t you call your mum? She’s worried about you.”

Playing with Cannabis – Krabi, Thailand

Joe picks me up on his scooter and we head out to the band’s share house in Krabi’s outer suburbs. The guys all live in two small rooms, and the third room is set up as a make-shift studio. Joe’s little brother is the producer and operates the computer. We sit on the tiled floor, playing and singing. It is just too much fun…