A Little Scheduling Glitch

“Here’s the thing. Hitchhiking is… a complete shit show. Nothing ever goes to plan. Actually, scratch that, there is no plan. You set out, you keep moving and if you’re lucky you get somewhere, but hardly ever where you intended to be…”

Learning the Alphabet – VIDEO

Nicky waves his arms and yells something Bulgarian at the driver.   The driver brakes.   He doesn’t have a choice.   Nicky is blocking the road.   As soon as the van slows down, Nicky is at the side window, bellowing.   The van accelerates and drives away down the motorway ramp…

Hungarian Salami

“It was called Hungarian salami, but… Australian salami is not so good. We have all kinds of different ones but they all taste kind of the same.”
Pasti frowns and nods. “You must try some real Hungarian sausage…”