5 Sneaky Low Budget Travel Gimmicks.

Did you know..? 1. You can fly with a bicycle without paying any excess baggage. The trick is to take it apart. Take of the wheels, the seat, and the handlebars, wrap ’em up in cardboard, and put them in a big suitcase with your clothes and stuff. If the check in desk asks what’s…

Q: Best Backpacking Bed

In Australia we call them hiking mats, in the USA they are hiking pads, but they are the same thing. There are plenty of different brands and styles, but basically, they are all light-weight, nylon air mattresses.
Aside from keeping your bones off the rocks, air mats also create a thermal insulation zone, so the cold ground doesn’t leach away your body heat…

Instant Clean Water: Sawyer Mini Filter

The Sawyer Mini Filter is really small (fits in a bag about the size of a pair of socks), and the whole kit weighs only 60 grams (2 oz). The filter can be used in several ways, but the simplest is to screw the filter unit straight onto the top of an ordinary plastic water bottle. The Sawyer Mini is super simple to use: 1. Fill bottle with dirty water 2. Screw on filter 3. Drink clean water, straight from the bottle..!