Scooter Backpacking Hack – VIDEO

In my last post I had a go on kangaroo boots. That’s a fun way to get around.

Now, let me introduce you to another cool human powered vehicle.

Press play:

I got this awesome folding scooter at a big box store here in California. It was less than US$100.00.

I had a scooter like this once before when I was on the Gold Coast in Australia last year.

A lot of my buddies travel with skateboards. I’ve travelled with a folding bike before. But this scooter hits the sweet spot for me.

A scooter is an awesome bit of gear for backpacking. It’s an amazing compromise between the light-weight convenience of a skateboard and the safety and utility of a bike.

I hang my backpack on the handlebars, and clip the waist strap to the stem to stabilise it.


Now I can walk the scooter along with my bag hanging on it like a luggage trolley. It’s nice to have the weight of my bag off my shoulders.

When I’m on a downhill stretch, I can actually ride the scooter, with the bag hanging on it. A lot faster than walking.

You might think the weight of the backpack would affect the handling badly, but actually, with the waist clip secured to the handlebar stem, and my leg pressed up against the backpack, it is so well balanced that I can ride along with a cup of coffee or my phone in one hand no problem.

When I’m not using it, the scooter folds in half, so it’s easy to carry.

Next time I fly I’m going to take the scooter with me. I’ll fold it up, wrap it in a plastic bag, and lash it onto my check-in bag with duct tape.

This is one versatile set of wheels.

There are a bunch of different stores and online shops selling folding scooters like this.
A lot of scooters designed for kids have very small wheels and don’t fold.
The key features to look for if you want a grown-up suitable scooter like mine are: larger than standard wheels; and a folding frame design.
Also check the load capacity. If you’re a big heavy guy like me you need to make sure you get a set of wheels that can take your weight plus the weight of your backpack.

In the video above, I’m carrying everything I own on the scooter: backpack and smaller go-bag.

Having a scooter makes backpacking a whole lot more fun and saves the tread on your boots.

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