A Long Story That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I notice a slight, flickering glow, away beyond the treeline, silhouetting the grass stems and low hanging branches of the trees. I come to the edge of a steep bank, and peer over it. Below me is a shallow watercourse. He’s sitting on the creek bank, beside a tiny fire. He’s facing away from me but I can see his profile in the firelight; creased brow, hook nose, stained grey beard. Rage surges up in me…

Delhi Inside My Head

Delhi is the scariest place I’ve ever been. It felt like the burning edge of the world. When I told Amit how I felt he said something like: “there are the same traps in Delhi as there are in every city in the world. In the west you’re used to having many things veiled. The difference here is that you can see clearly…”

Delhi Beer Frenzy

I meet Marlene in the Embassy foyer and take delivery of my beer.
“Do you have a car?” she asks me.
“No. Just this.” I show her my scooter.
“Did you ride this from Scotland” she gasps.
“Not all the way” I reassure her. “I’m a hitchhiker.”
Marlene stares at me, wide eyed.
“You hitchhiked from Scotland?”
“Most of the way, yeah. All across Europe.”
“Aren’t you exhausted?”
“I could use a beer…”


In the last four years I’ve hitchhiked across more than 25 countries. I’ve camped in the Sahara Desert. I’ve visited the Louvre Museum in Paris. I ate out of dumpsters on the streets of Los Angeles.
I live on a small budget. Everything I own fits into my beat up backpack. It’s all about having time to do the things I want to.
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Goa Chats – Video – Goa, India

There’s a lot more to Goa than beach resorts and cheap restaurants. I keep meeting people here who are creative and thinking outside the box. Hippies, filmmakers, slam poets, musicians, artists, expat’s – Goa definitely has diversity. And really cool street dogs…