Beach Busking & BBQ with Bob (Again) – Kuantan, Malaysia

“You don’t have any money left at all? Where are you sleeping?” I ask Bob.
“Well… unfortunately, last night I sleep under the roof of the public toilet in the park” he admits.
“Look, why don’t you come and camp at the spit? It’s a nice spot, near the beach. We’ve got a tarp set up, and some rugs and a campfire. It’s not the Ritz Carlton, but it’s comfy…”

Chilli Chocolate, Cameras, Chums, Chiang Mai

December was a bit of a wash out. But I’m feeling like my normal self again now. Three days ago, the curtain just lifted. It’s like that. A month of utterly debilitating depression, and then ‘click’… I’m OK again. Eating chilli chocolate probably speeded my recovery a lot…