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Hi! I’m Manny.

I’m an excessively tall person with no fixed address, a twisted sense of humor and itchy feet.

I’m backpacking my way around planet earth.

My mission is to live a nomadic life, tell stories and meet humans.


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I started traveling full-time in 2013.

The more time I spent on the road, the more it started to feel like home.

In the last few years I’ve hitchhiked, scooted, biked and couch-surfed my way across more than 25 countries. I’ve roamed around Australia, Europe, South-East Asia, The Americas, The UK, India and Morocco.

I try to live and travel on a low budget. I fully embrace the idea that it’s better to work to live than live to work.


Raw Safari.

This blog is mostly about storytelling but it’s also about sharing useful information.

Seeing the world on a small budget you need to have the right equipment and a confident attitude. But you also need to have the right information.
I wish I’d had a mentor when I first hit the road. It would have been great to know someone who had done the things I wanted to do and could give me some advice and guidance.
I want to share with you what I’ve learned about low-budget adventure. That’s why I started the Raw Safari blog. I figured out a lot of things by trial and error, and I hope I can make it a bit easier for you.

If you want to see the world without spending big bucks, start by checking out my e-book; The Travel Hackers Handbook. You can download it for free here!

(Below: Pasto, Colombia. We went to climb a volcano but decided swimming was a safer option.)


We are all explorers.

Every person discovers the world anew by traveling in it.
Roaming the planet, we learn about our home and our species.
We get to experience new cultures and share stories with people we meet, everywhere we go.
I love the way life on the road forces us to evolve.
Happy trails amigos!


(Above: running afoul of the law in Czech Republic.)
(Below: exploring Ellery Creek Big Hole in outback Australia.)


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